Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Back to the Vanderboren Estate

The party arrives in Sasserine just after dawn. The Wormfall festival has been going since before dawn and the streets are crowded.

The party is accosted by Jilanth Turtoso, a gnome, and his friend Krugol, a half-orc. Turtoso is already drunk, and attempts to pick a fight with the cleric. The party avoids getting into trouble here, and Krugol takes his friend away.

With the use of the elemental gem, Morphumax stops a runaway wagon from crashing into a full tavern, thereby saving the patrons therein. The other party members castigate him for wasting the gem, but, it stopped the wagon from killing anyone or destroying any property.

The Kellani family sent Diamondback and six stiltwalkers to try to take revenge against the party for their part in upsetting Rowyn Kellani's attempt to set up the Lotus Dragons as a new thieves' guild.

The party arrives at the Vanderboren estate, and right away notices that there are no guards. The last time they were here, there were two guards at the door. The party goes around the house, to a back entrance, which leads to the kennels. Unfortunately, the barking of these mastiffs has probably alerted the foes inside to the party's presence.

The party took care of two groups of (three) bullywugs. One in the Atrium and one in the trophy hall.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm running this adventure for a group of choatic evil characters, an idea that hadd come up some time in the past, and this part was very interesting. The wizard managed to charm monster one group of the bullywogs, and sent them as scouts into the rest of the house, thereby bypassing the other bullywogs. I am interested as to what will happen next.

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