Friday, December 15, 2006

The Vanderboren Estate and the Bullywug Invasion, Part 2

While clearing out the first floor of the Vanderboren estate, the party notices a secret door. Inside is a hidden armory. On the floor is a dwarf druid, Kaskus Kiel, whom the party recognizes as a member of the Jade Ravens. He is alive, but unconscious. The cleric heals him, and he tells a tale of the invasion of the bullywugs, and the final stand the Jade Ravens made in the courtyard, before everything went bad. He tells the party, that, last he saw, Mistress Vanderboren was still alive. They take three vials of Cure Moderate from the armory.

As the party approaches the private dining hall, they smell cigar smoke. On entering the room, the bullywug smoking orders her three lieutenants to attack. Upon seeing them be easily defeated, she rages, but is ultimately killed.
  • Items
    • Potion of Barkskin +3 (unidentified)
    • 2 +1 hand axes (unidentified)
In the courtyard, the party discovers the remains of the estate's guard force, brutally slain. In addition three bullywugs' corpses are hear, and the remains of Kaskus' badger animal companion.

After clearing the top floor, the party decides to go downstairs. There, they interrupt the chief of the bullywugs in the midst of torturing Liamae Teslikaria. The party attempts to attack, but it is hard moving through the mud on the floor. Liamae makes an attempt during combat to cast Charm Person on the bullywug chief. Amazingly, it worked. The chief's pet rust monster makes short work of the +1 Glamered chain shirt the paladin was wearing, but it was killed rapidly. The party makes short work of the rest of the bullywugs in the basement, and now has an "ally" in the person of Chief Lorpth.
  • Items from Chief Lorpth
    • Potion of Shield of Faith +2 (unidentified)
    • Potion of Cure Moderate
    • Salve of Slipperiness (unidentified)
    • +1 hide armor(unidentified)
    • +1 greatclub (unidentified)
    • Wooden crown with seven moonstones (100 gp each)
The chief tells the party of Dravoraz' intent to take the estate, kill everyone, steal as much as possible, and burn it to the ground. Meanwhile, the chief has been amusing himself getting the rust monster to eat tableware stuck into Liamae's clothing. Other than that, he knows very little of who is where in the building.


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