Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Vanderboren Estate and the Bullywug Invasion, Part 3

The party moved onto the first floor of the Estate
after clearing the ground floor and the basement,
rescuing Karkas Kiel and Tiamae Teslikaria (both
members of the Jade Ravens) and charming Chief Lorpth.

On the balcony on the first floor, the party
encountered two bullywug hunters, who were looking out
the balcony, waiting for the attack. Other than that,
there was nothing of note on the first floor.

In the master bedroom of the second floor, the party
encountered Drevoraz, Bua Gorg (a bullywug cleric).
Lavinia Vanderboren, Tolin Kientai and Zan Oldavin
were tied up in the middle of the room. Drevoraz told
the party to stop, unless they wanted Lavinia's throat
cut. The paladin in the party showed Drevoraz the note
from Captain Harliss Javell, and her earring. Drevoraz
took the earring and then said that since Captain
Javell changed her mind, all he wanted to do was to
slip out of Sasserine unmolested.

Bua Gorg was having none of this. He only wanted to
sacrifice humans to his diety, Dagon. He began
summoning a Huge Monstrous Centipede, and accidentally
summoned two of them. The party killed him and the
centipedes, and Drevoraz got away.

Lavinia thanked the party and increased their "pay" to
200 gp per month. She told the party to rest up, do
some shopping and they would be needed in a week or

[Out of game... in selling most of the loot gained
over the past few adventures, each party member gets
1,558.75 gold pieces.]

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