Sunday, December 31, 2006

Off to the Isle of Dread - Part 1

After a few weeks of downtime, Lavinia Vanderboren summons the party and invites them along to Farshore in the Isle of Dread. First they recover the Sea Wyvern, bring it back to Sasserine and get it outfitted and fixed.

On the day of boarding the Sea Wyvern, they meet the captain, crew and passengers. The ship's captain is Amella Venkalie. The cabin boy is Tavey Nesk. The first mate is Lirith Veldirose. Among the passengers are the cleric Conrad Horst, Skald, and Urol Forol. Urol is there to study the Isle of Dread and doubles as the Navigator. A late arriving passenger is Avner Meravanchi with two servants and his horse Thunderstrike.

After some arguments about Avner's accomodations (in which the eventual result is that he is sleeping with the rest of the passengers and he is not happy about it, the expedition gets underway.

In the second day of the voyage, Lavinia invites the party and Avner to a dinner on the Blue Nixie. The ships get within 50 feet of each other, a rope and pulley is hoisted and a cart brings each person across. While going back, after Avner, and some of the party get across, the rope breaks while the paladin is brought across. A round later, a water mephit appears and begins it's attack. In investigating this, the party sees that the rope was sabotaged, and the mephit was being kept in a pickle jar.

In the thirteen days to Fort Blackwell, the Sea Wyvern is attacked by a water naga and an octopus. From the octopus' belly, the party finds:
  • 300 gp
  • potion of cure light (unidentified)
  • wand of magic missile (first level) (36 charges) (unidentified)
  • wand of magic missile (third level) (26 charges) (unidentified)
In addition, someone attempted to poison the paladin. At Fort Blackwell, the ships lay over for a couple of days. The crews are given shore leave and many of the passengers (including Conrad Horst and Skald) stay overnight in the small town.

After continuing the voyage, six days out, Conrad Horst takes ill. The party cleric casts delay poison, to no affect, and decides to cast cure disease the next day. Unfortunately, the next day, a blue slaad explodes, fully grown, from Conrad's body (killing him), which the party defeats.

Game Notes

All the player characters (except for Morphumax) are fifth level.

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