Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Off to the Isle of Dread - Part 2

Three days after the untimely death of Conrad Horst, the Blue Nixie and the Sea Wyvern stop at the Havekihu river to take on fresh water. A few hours after they leave the next day, they have to lay anchor due to intense fog. In the middle of the night, the Sea Wyvern is rocked and the party comes to the deck.

Morphumax is attacked by something from the sea, is almost pulled overboard, and the party attacks the amorphous creature. Morphumax is finally pulled overboard, yet the Flotsome Ooze is killed. Before it dissipates and the poor unfortunates being digested float to the bottom, Churtle spots some interesting things that Morphumax retrieves. After identifying them, the party now has
  • Ring of Mind Shielding
  • Gauntlets of Ogre Power
Fourteen days later, the ships stop to investigate some ruins. Lavinia has promised the gnome Urol Forol a chance to exlore the ruins of the Tamoachan, and she has the party accompany him for his safety. After an hour, following jungle trails, they arrive at a clearing. There is a huge ziggurat, and the clearing is just one small part of it. Unfortunately for Urol, the basilisk first gazes at him. The party manages to kill it easily, but Urol neglected to share any of his stone salve with the party, and the party didn't ask him about it ahead of time. But, in his haste to investigate the ruins, he had moved to the front of the party.

Well, the party took his statuesque body back to the ship, and the next day, they managed to un-stone him. Then the party goes back to the ruins, and began investigating a room with a huge statue and a well. Out of the well came a gibbering mouther, which apparently was making a nest in the well. After killing the gibbering mouther, the party investigated the well and found
  • six turquoise gems worth 50 gp each
  • +1 dagger {unidentified}
  • a folded ivory fan worth 180 gp
  • a platinum bracelet worth 230 gp
  • 124 gp

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