Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Off to the Isle of Dread, Part 3

The party, after having dealt with the gibbering mouther, entered the main section of the Tamoachan ruins.

A wall of fire trap only singed a few of them, and they proceeded to another room that was blocked with an iron wall. It is obvious to the sorceror in the party it is the result of a spell, and Morphumax beats his way through it.

In the main map room is a pyramid shaped object, that Churtle determines is trapped. Morphumax opens it anyway, and the mummy rot dust fails to affect him or the paladin.

In a few rounds, they are attacked by a varrangoin and a will-o-wisp, which are easily handled.

They round out their search by entering a room with a well filled with niches that hold bodies. Near the top they see a golden bat idol with rubies for eyes and tiny slivers of pearl for fangs and claws. It radiates a faint transmutation magic, and after identifying it, it appears to be some sort of key.

Three days after leaving Tamoachan, Morphumax is hit in the head with a beam of the ship. It is revealed that the rope was sabotaged. The party goes into full search mode, and corners Rowyn Kellani, who seems to be a stowaway, and may be the source of much of the troubles on the ship. She fights to the death (which is not long in coming). The party finds on her:
  • +1 leather armor
  • +1 buckler
  • +1 rapier
  • Boots of elvenkind


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Morphumax here. Guys, just to let you know, I've got dips on the buckler and the leather armor. We can just sell the boots even if they do fit the rogue archetype.

6:04 PM  

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