Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Off to the Isle of Dread, Part 4

Lavinia Vanderboren tells the party that they will have to evade the Scarlet Brotherhood blockade the next day. About noon, as they are rounding the penninsula, they are hailed by a Scarlet Brotherhood ship. The cleric walks across the water, and casts deeper darkness on the side of the ship. This allows the party to completely evade them.

Nine days later, the ships spy the ruins of Fort Greenrock. They stop to investigate, and it becomes obvious that lizardfolk attacked and destroyed the fort.

Four days after that, the ships make a last stop near the mainland at the Atikula river to refresh their water. While filling barrels at the waterfall, the ship is attacked by an aquatic seven-headed hydra. After the battle, the party spots some things at the bottom of this small bay. Morphumax dives in and finds
  • 102 gp
  • +1 chainmail
  • a bright green cloak of the manta ray
After another six days, the ships stop at the Olman village of Renkrue to replenish supplies. All goes well until Avner Meravanchi attempts to buy one of the native girls. The chief becomes insulted, and no amount of diplomacy appears to satisfy him. He stops all bargaining and tells the ships to leave. The dim-witted fighter (Daveed's character) punches Avner out, and sometime later is admonished by Lavinia, who lets the party know that without the financial backing of the Meravanchi's, the expedition would not have been possible. She forces the dim-wit to apologize to Avner, who doesn't take the apology very well at all.

Four days later, the ships get caught up in the pearl current, which delays them somewhat by forcing them off course. Ten days after that, they reach the island of Ruja. From here, it should be only a matter of two weeks to reach Farshore at the southern end of the Isle of Dread

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