Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Session 2: The game is afoot.

The group began near the Blue Nixie (Lavinia Vanderboren's ship), which is being held by Soller Vark, even though Lavinia paid to have it released to her.

As soon as the ship was boarded, the watchman called out an alarm, and shot back. The watchman was injured, and two more of the group boarded the ship. The wounded thug leapt overboard, but three more appeared on deck from other cabins. One thug was gored to death, another wounded, and still another knocked unconcious.

Then Soller Vark and his girlfriend appeared on deck, and one of the group was knocked down by the girlfriend. The group managed to get the unconcious member awake, and damage Vark's girlfriend and Vark himself.

Vark's girlfriend jumped overboard, another damaged thug jumped into the rowboat, and Vark himself began attacking after yelling "Burn them." There was a bloodcurdling scream from below decks. The group shot at Vark's girlfriend (and missed), but got the thug in the boat. After beating up Vark some more, Vark surrendered. None of the thugs know what is going on, but Vark did tell the group that he was being paid to collect animals and deliver them to another ship during the night.

The group tied up the remaining thugs and Vark and investigated below decks. They were attacked by a Rhagodessa, but quickly killed it. The room was filled with dead animals and a dead thug.

Score: 2 thugs gone, 1 thugs dead, 4 thugs captured, Soller Vark captured.

Found Vanderboren payment to Vark, and the Vanderboren signet ring

After selling the equipment, the group went to see Lavinia Vanderboren. She was happy to know that her ship is her's again, and especially happy to receive her father's signet ring. She offers the group employment (at 110 gp each per month) and hints that the rewards of being associated with one of the Dawn Council's families is worth far more.

She asks the group to accompany her to her family's vault, warning them that there is likely to be a construct guardian. The go to the vault, and once inside, are attacked by an Iron Cobra. They beat it up pretty well, but notice that it avoids attacking Lavinia. Lavinia presents the ring to it, and the Iron Cobra retreats to its alcove. Then they open the door to the vault itself...

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