Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Battle at Farshore

Once the Yuan-Ti sorcerer realized that the person who paid them was somehow taken over, rather than try to salvage the situation, he, and his bodyguards retreated.

Once the vrock dance was disrupted, the vrocks stopped fighting in a coordinated fashion, and they fought to their deaths.

As soon as the pirates realized that Vanthus had "turned" against them, most of the ones on shore gave up, although three of the five ships attempted to flee. Between the Jade Ravens, Livinia Vanderboren, the Olman tribesmen, the Phanatons, and the guards of Manthalay Meravanchi, all ships but the Yuan-Ti ship were taken with little damage.

Lord Sgiggy brought Vanthus back. When Livinia confronted him and was told that Vanthus had planned to make off with Livinia, and if he couldn't, then he planned to release a bloodstained shadow pearl to create another savage tide, she cursed him, saying her brother died the same night her parents did. This "Vanthus" is nothing but filth wearing his skin. He further said he stole the shadow pearl from his superiors before he left scuttlecove. He was transformed into a half-fiend by a process known to the Crimson Fleet. After Lord Sgiggy answers the party's questions, he beheads himself. He is buried ni a lonely plot to the south marked only with a simple wooden stake carved with the Vanderboren family crest.

The four ships are claimed as the property of Farshore.

The next few days in Farshore are celebratory, although interspersed wth funerals for those who fell in the assault.

Each member of the group gets 5,000 gp worth of loot.

Papers on one of the ships (the Brine Harlot, Vanthus' ship) indicates that the Crimson Fleet has been going to the northern shore of the Isle of Dread to meet with a group known only as the "Lords of Dread." In the log it says:
We reached Gallivant Cove with no incident, althugh the Sevent Coil yuaniti renewed their demands for shore leave. I denied them again, promising them all the leave they could want once my sister's little project is mine. Payment to the Glutton went smoothly (that beast's teeth would make fine trophies!), and I personally led a group of five to the caves. The trogs looked worse than they stank -- some kind of malady afflicts them for certain. Lords of Dread??? Hardly. Yet they took our payments and slaves readily enough.

There was only one shadow pearl ready for us. I made clear my displeasure, but the simpering lepers convinced me that they were being truthful, and promised several more in a few months' time. I've tried to avoid staring at the pearl overmuch. Its depth are hypnotic. After seeing what one of these little beauties did on Kraken's Cove, I made sure to keep it in a padded container at all times.

It's too bad we can't just toss the thing into Farshore with a catapult and let them kill each other off, but I'll not be the one to tell command we broke another of their toys.


Ninth level charactersTenth level characters
Amphibious AssaultEL 115,4004,500
Yuan-Ti mercenariesEL 115,4004,500
VrocksEL 128,1006,000
VanthusEL 1416,20012,000
TriumphEL 1310,8009,000
XP per PC11,4759,000
Equipment on Vanthus
  • +3 Mithral shirt
  • +3 Longsword
  • +1 Keen Sickle
  • Masterwork Dagger
  • Ring of Protection + 2
  • Amulet of Health +2
  • Boots of Speed
  • Shadow Pearl
  • 4 Gold earrings worth 300 gp each
In the coming month, the wealth of Farshore increases due to increased trade. Farshore begins with an 800 gp limit on purchased items and assets of 9,600 gp.
  • The triumph over the Crimson Fleet increases the assets by 20,000 gp
  • Increasing the mine output increases the assets by 10,000 gp
  • Casting Hallow on the Cemetary make people feel better, and increases the gp limit by 1,000
  • By eliminating the troglodyte tribe, assets are increased by 5,000, and by the end of the month, the gp limit increases by 1,000
  • Improving the clayworks increases the assets by 3,000 gp
  • Improving the smithy increases the assets by 2,000 gp
  • By bringing back the Olman artifacts, the gp limit is increased by 1,500
  • By improving the greenhouse, the gp limit is increased by 1,000
  • By improving the farms, the assets are increased by 5,000 gp
Thus, at the end of the month, the assets are 54,600 gp and Farshore has a 5,300 gp limit on purchasable items.


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