Monday, March 12, 2007

Journey's End

In nearly six weeks of real-life time, the party has spent two days in the Journey's End Sargasso.

The first night, eight attacks by groups of Vine Horrors left the party tired, and they slept through much of the day. They used the Cloak of the Manta Ray to get a general idea of how large the sargasso is, and to figure out they won't be able to get the Sea Wyvern out in any reasonable amount of time.

The party decided that they will have to try to find the source of the Vine Horrors on the next day, and manage to go through the night with nine attacks of the Vine Horrors. They did allow their Ir, the Cleric and Lord Sgiggy, the Mage to sleep. Thus allowing them to gain levels.

The next day, the cleric gives everyone AirWalk, and they find the Thunderer which contains the heart of Journey's End. While walking (on air) down into the pit, they are attacked by the Mother of All, who nearly manages to kill a couple of party members before being dispatched.

A quick search of the ship reveals
  • 1,200 gold
  • 462 platinum
  • Four fine scrimshaw carvings (each depicting one of the seasons), which, if cleaned will be worth 250 gold each
  • Four golden goblets worth 100 gold each
  • A silver candelabrum worth 350 gold
  • A steel, barnacle-covered, shield depicting sharks devouring men (identified as a +1 animated tower shield)
  • A watertight bone scroll tube containing an arcane scroll of
    • Hold Monster
    • Waves of Fatigue
    • Permanency
Over the next few days, many of the characters gain levels.
  • George (Dahvid's Fighter) is 6th level with 15,377 XP
  • Churtle is 7th level with 27,497 XP
  • Morphumax (Josh's Binder) is 7th level with 21,860 XP
  • Lord Sgiggy (Nasan's Sorcerer) is 7th level with 23,965 XP
  • Ir Turalisj (Moshe's Cleric) is 7th level with 24,260 XP
  • Rigond (Dovid's Paladin) is 7th level with 26,883 XP
Over the next few days, Ir contacts Lavinia (using Sending) on the Blue Nixie. She responds with the following: Sorry for losing track. Continue on to Farshore. Will see you there. Carry on, Lavinia

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